About Us

Your success is our goal

Cixes Consulting is a Finnish consulting company established to fulfil the needs of modern mineral exploration.

We are a small and nimble consultancy, which knows the industry. Hence we can deliver you personalised solutions and services.

Our mission is to assist companies to navigate through the local bureaucracy and ensure they have the right personnel, equipment, permitting and plans, in a right place, in a right time. 

The company core values are sustainability and quality

Approximately 75% of Finland is covered with forests and our environment is considered one of the cleanest in the whole world. And that is how we want to keep it. We expect our clients to use sustainable and environmentally friendly methods and generate transparent and respectable relationship with their stakeholders. That is not an expense item, but the only way to build a successful mining project here. We also count on quality, and make sure we provide only what is best for our clients.

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