exploration in finland

Finland is located on the Fennoscandian Shield, the Precambrian formation that carries a huge mineral potential for several commodities. There are currently approximately 40 operating mines and quarries, as well as several interesting, advanced projects, but also much ground that remains underexplored.

Overall, Finland is politically stable and safe country and is repeatedly ranked among one of the top countries for mining policy and regulations. Infrastructure is advanced and road network as well as power grid and mobile phone networks cover the whole country.

Geological Survey of Finland maintains the comprehensive selection of public data sets available for exploration and mining companies. Historical drillcores are archived in Loppi core facility, wherein companies can get their eyes on previously drilled core.

The main stakeholders of exploration and mining projects are generally landowners – e.g. state, private people, companies and institutions –municipalities, other businesses, in northern Finland indigenous Sámi people and reindeer herders, hunting clubs etc. Operating a successful project requires an open communication with the local stakeholders.

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